The Sigma DP2 Merrill Camera


The Strangest but Most Wonderful Camera

The Sigma DP2 Merrill is about the strangest camera I’ve ever used, but at the same time it is one of the very best also. The list of weird things about this camera:

  1. No viewfinder – only a screen on the back.
  2. X3F RAW files – a weird format that almost nothing reads except Sigma’s own software.
  3. No built-in flash. (Yay. Never use it anyway.)
  4. Huge files – Image size is 4704 x 3136 (15 Megapixels) but the RAW file is a whopping 44 Mb.
  5. No zoom. A fixed lens with no zoom capability. If you’re used to using a zoom to get a shot, this will feel super awkward.

More limitations far below, but first, the great things about this camera (and this is a truly great camera)…

The True Photographer’s Camera

These weird things though are minor compared to the feeling this camera gives a true photographer. By “true,” I mean the photographer that remembers using a film camera with a hand wind on it.

Aim. Shoot. Hand crank the film roll. Repeat.


My old Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 35mm camera.

This camera will make anyone into a better photographer and make them feel like a true photographer. Here’s why: Continue reading


Sigma DP Camera Workflow

The Sigma DP series of cameras have absolutely phenomenal image quality, but they output a proprietary RAW file (*.x3f) from the Foveon® system that makes them awkward to work with. Here’s how I get great photos out of this camera:
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