Lars’s Photography Gear

Below is a list of my current gear. If you have any specific questions, submit them via the form at the bottom of this page and I will answer you.

My Philosophy on Camera Gear

I believe that whatever gear will help you get out and take a photo is essential. It is that initial getting out and photographing something that is the hard part. We’re all busy — too busy. We need what gets us going and what gets us taking those shots. That’s why I have what I have.

Camera Bodies

Canon 80D – This is the dSLR I use for all of my current photography. Although I have other cameras, this one is the one that gives me the best photos with the highest dynamic range for my outdoor photography.

Olympus Tough – This is a small hand-held camera that I use wherever I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking my dSLR. It is waterproof, shockproof, fits in my pocket, and gives me great RAW images.


Sigma Lenses – Sigma makes excellent lenses at reasonable prices. They are great value for the quality that you get and the image quality exceeds the level of all others.


Hoya Circular Polarizer HRT CIR-PL – This polarizer is on every one of my lenses. It has a high transmission rate and gives superior polarization without taking away the needed light. I can shoot more polarized images without a tripod thanks to this filter.

Hoya Variable Neutral Density – For long exposures in daylight, I use the Hoya variable neutral density (ND) filter for 1.5 to 9 stops of light reduction.

Hoya FLW – This magenta-hued filter was traditionally used to reduce the effects of fluorescent light. I use it in a different way. I use this in a creative way for my night cityscapes and morning shots.


MePhoto – My MePhoto tripod is my go-to tripod whenever I need high stability for long exposure shots. It is right up there with the best tripods available but costs far less. The quality and portability have been indispensable to me.


Ruggard – After trying several bags over the years, I’ve finally found a bag that works for me. It is the Ruggard bag. I have several in different sizes depending on the equipment I want to take with me.


Black Rapid – The Black Rapid RS-7 Curve strap allows me to shoot faster and walk hands-free with my full-size dSLR camera. No other strap I have tried has given me the ability to get the shot better than the Black Rapid strap.

Other Equipment

I have many accessories that I use for my photography and if you have a specific question, ask me and I will answer it.  I try to tell you all about what I do and what I use on my blog posts, but sometimes I will leave some detail out. So just ask and I will tell you! My goal is to be open and sharing of my photography expertise.

I also have a whole other set of equipment for my video and time lapse photography. I try to detail this in my posts, but if you have any question, just ask and I will get back to you with an answer.

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