Composites Using OnOne Perfect Photo Suite

Christ StatueThe OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 is truly amazing. As a test, I took a photo of this little Jesus statue I have in my closet, and then worked it over using OnOne Perfect Photo’s many tools. It went something like this:

  1. I corrected in Lightroom then exported as a layered PSD file to OnOne Perfect Photo.
  2. I used Focal Point to focus only on the statue and blur the background, adding bokeh in 5 point to create the stars from the bright spots.
  3. Then I went to Perfect Effects to add a few effects. One was a texture to place that brick wall look in there and one was another texture to put the writing in. For both I had to paint out the effect where the statue was so it didn’t get in front of the statue. Then I enhanced the color with yet another filter.
  4. The color of the face and skin wasn’t right though, so I went into Portrait and whitened the teeth and changed the skin color.

Amazing that this all totally transformed this simple photo into something that looks kind of cool!

[Update Feb 2014: Unfortunately the newest version of OnOne Perfect Photo Suite requires substantial memory, more than Lightroom or Photoshop, to operate, and I will be moving away from this software and company in favor of swifter operating software.]